Our Commitment to the Environment

In all our activities, we actively strive to reduce the impact our operation may have on the environment to preserve this for future generations.

We establish targets for minimizing our waste and reducing our emissions to ground, water, and air. We monitor and measure the progress of our environmental stewardship and report our findings both in accordance with the applicable statutory requirements and beyond.

We have established procedures and practices to protect the environment during the course of our business activities. To limit our environmental footprint, we make use of the latest technologies available in all of our business dealings. We always manage our operations responsibly with the goal of preventing environmental incidents.

Our Commitment to Health, Safety & Security

We work to identify and evaluate potential health, safety, and security risks in our operations. We believe that all injuries, accidents, and security breaches are preventable and that all of us are empowered to prevent such occurrences.

We believe in the importance of responsibility and accountability for health, safety, and security at work and encourage all to carry these same beliefs into their home environment.

We monitor and plan all activities having any health, safety, or security implications through a process of risk assessment and risk identification. By the implementation of mitigation measures we reduce the residual risk to As Low As Reasonably Practical "ALARP".

We have put in place the organization, systems, training programs, and procedures for promoting health, safety, and security to educate our employees, third parties, and any other persons engaged in work on our worksites thus putting it into practice at every level of the organization.

We provide or arrange for medical services necessary for the treatment of occupational illnesses, injuries, and medical emergencies occurring on our worksite and we seek out a high level of professional standard of medical care in any region in which we work in order to support our operations. All employees, third parties, or other persons on our worksites are responsible for reporting to their immediate supervisor any real or suspected health, safety, or security threat.

Our Commitment to Quality

We ensure that processes necessary to satisfy our client requirements and fulfill our business commitments are implemented and effective.

We promote an understanding of quality through development and training programs for our personnel in order to be able to respond to the requirements of our clients’ in an ever changing business and technology related environment.

We continually seek improvement in our methods and services in order to generate value, confidence and become the clients’ preferred supplier.

We ensure involvement and encourage participation in our quality management program through effective communication and promotion of our standards. Our employees are recognized and rewarded for their contributions to innovation and excellence.

We systematically conduct audits and management reviews of ourselves and our suppliers to ensure that our Quality Management System provides value, remains current, and is always effective and efficient.